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We Are SoFloDragons!

Dragon Boat sport has over 2000 years of history. Though the sport was originated in China, it is now spread all over the world.


- SoFloDragons is a community dragon boat racing team founded and supported by NAAAP Miami members. Since its inception on 03/18/18, SoFloDragons has been successful in attracting many members with our "SSS" motto, building team Strength, Synergy & Solidarity. Our key to success is to build a friendly, caring group of individuals and have fun while promoting the wonderful sport of dragon boat.

- September 22nd 2018 marked our first participation in a race at the Synergy Race. Since then SoFloDragons has participated in numerous races and exhibitions that have brought many medals and recognitions.

- We are blessed to live in South Florida with beautiful water and warm weather that allows us to enjoy the sport all year round.  So come to our next practice, we're sure you will have a great time with us. We welcome everyone regardless of your experience with dragon boating. 

- We are also so proud to be featured on NBC6 News during our celebration of Asian American Heritage Month in May 2021.

*  SoFloDragons is actively seeking for sponsorships and donations. Please contact us if you're interested in sponsoring and how we can mutually promote each other. 


Bring your water to hydrate, sunblock, hat, and, if you are not fully vaccinated, please don't forget to bring your mask!!!


~ Building team Strength, Synergy & Solidarity



Phong Luu
☏   305-707-6865
📩 [email protected]


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